Decoy Origin

Imagine for a moment that I told you you could have a small alien who could shape shift, was nigh invulnerable, shared a psychic link with you, and made it so you could solve crimes like your favorite superhero.  That’s be cool right?  Would you still be interested if I told you that to get this, you’d need to be shot in chest by a hired assassin?  That other aliens were not so wild about your new buddy being around?  That there was a shadowy organization who knew about the aliens and were anxious to know more… including how they worked on a molecular level… and how you were connected to the aliens? That you couldn’t tell anyone about your buddy in case they thought you were crazy… or worse, believed you and decided the best place for you was in tiny pieces under a microscope?

That’s the life that Detective Bobby Luck has.  Saving the day is easy.  Saving himself might prove a tad more difficult.