DaleDALE METTAM  (Writer/Voice)

After Dale finished writing the massively successful and multi-award-winning webcomic Luci Phurr’s Imps, he decided to take some time off, recharge his batteries and see the world. Unfortunately, the night before he was due to depart for exotic foreign lands, he was abducted by aliens.

Worry not, gentle reader, no probing occurred (and there is no proof that repeated requests were made), but for several years Dale travelled the galaxy experiencing all manner of wild and improbable adventures.  When he was returned to his home, he discovered the aliens clearly had access to time travel technologies, as it seemed like he had only gone to bed the night before.

Resolving to record his experiences, with a vague idea of establishing a Hollywood religion as an offshoot (Hey! It worked for L. Ron Hubbard), he was surprised to get a call from Courtney Huddleston asking if he’d like to write a new comic about a little green alien.

The call raised several immediate and alarming questions.

  • This all seemed a little TOO coincidental, was Courtney in league with the aliens?
  • Was Courtney actually an alien himself?  There must be a reason for his secretive and antisocial behaviors.
  • Was it possible this had all been a dream?
  • Could eating four year old queso blanco before bed have possibly NOT been the best idea?
  • Perhaps the aliens were real and Courtney was the dream?

Resolving to pinch Courtney next time they met face to face, Dale started working on the scripts for Decoy.

In addition to writing Luci Phurr’s Imps, Dale has creatively arranged words to form a novel (Pub at the Center of the Universe… it makes a great gift); writing Johnny Test and Inspector Gadget comic books; attempts to draw the webcomic www.themonsterkid.com; and has made-up lots of other stories… not all of them in the form of an alibi. You can find more information about him on his website (which he occasionally visits himself), at www.dalemettam.com

courtCOURTNEY HUDDLESTON   (Artist/Creator)

My name is Courtney, and in person, I’m always a man of few words. But, since this isn’t in person, I can be wordier than normal.  Here’s five facts involving me, that you may or may not find interesting.

1. I have a rejection letter from a Marvel editor that told me I had a better chance at being a famous actor than I ever would at being a professional artist. I guess his crystal ball was faulty.

2. I prefer to chat with Dale via e-mail and instant message. He’s a great guy and all, but I can’t understand what he’s saying half the time. With England being his home country, I can’t help but wonder how much we’ve altered the English language. Or as Dale would say, how much we’ve butchered it.

3. My Dad (who knows nothing about comics) took me to a local convention (when I was a teen) one year. He sat and chatted with this old guy the entire show while I went and pursued the hottest artists and latest action figures. After I was done (hours later), I found my Dad still sitting and chatting with the same old guy. I waved him down from afar, indicating that I was ready to leave. And so we did. On the drive home he told me that he had a great time chatting with the old man, and that he was about the nicest fellow ever. When I asked what his name was, my Dad replied, “Jack Kirby.”

 4. I was allergic to chocolate when I was a small kid. Every time I ate it, my nose would bleed. Even though I thought it tasted great, the doctor and my mother took it completely out of my diet. I went over 2 decades without having any chocolate. Then one day out of curiosity, I gave it a try. Eureka! I had outgrown my chocolate allergy. I have spent the last couple of years trying to make up for lost time.

5. When I was in high school I made money by airbrushing  at amusement parks, on store front windows, and t-shirts for students at school.

james_bioJAMES TAYLOR   (Inker/ Embellisher)

James Taylor has a background in traditional art receiving a BFA (Fine Arts Degree) with an emphasis in graphic design in 1998. After finishing college he began work as a graphic designer in the tech industry until 2002, surviving the bursting bubble by a couple of years. While working as a designer James started in the comic book industry as an inker in 1999 as a fun side job at night and switched to full-time when his software company closed up show. Since then James has work for many different publishers but seems to have been strapped to the hip of PFP over the last two years working on The Victorian, Para and of course Decoy.

James currently resides in the Seattle area, continually working as a freelance inker and graphic designer and is rarely allowed to leave his home. In 2003 he started his own little publishing company, Rorschach Entertainment, to give new creators an opportunity to work in the comic book industry – quite often giving them their first published work. James also runs a comic book convention in Tacoma, WA named Jet City Comic Show.

download  MICHAEL GARCIA (Colorist/BigPeanutt)

Once a guru of song & dance, TheBigPeanutt (a.k.a. “The Color Guy” or “Mr. Garcia” by customer services) has been reclusively working in CMYK for almost two decades now…he has enough grey stubble now to prove it.

He’s been mostly mind-reading over the years, with an occasional dabbling in artistry when needed by the likes of Electronic Arts, Hasbro, Inc. & countless comic conglomerates.  This fool is oozing with salty joy to be working once again with his favorite publisher Penny Farthing Press, as well as beloved co-conspirators, the forever lovely Mrs. Courtney Huddleston & Grammy Award-winning songster Mr. James Taylor. The band is back together…mmmwahah-hahahahaha!!!