There’s more to this green alien than meets the eye… and there’s more still that Decoy has yet to reveal. While it might be true that some secrets are best kept, eventually all of them end up being exposed, and the clock is ticking for Decoy.

In the meantime, it’s good having an ally in Bobby, and Decoy has a chance a new life, possibly even making amends for the horrors his species has wrought across the universe.

With what seems to be some kind of innate inner goodness, a growing love of 50/60s sitcoms and 90s cartoons Decoy’s ability to change his shape and look at a moment’s notice can take unexpected turns.  But it’s safe to say that a combination of “Car 54, Where Are You?” and “Care Bears” make it a little easier to be green.  Maybe that singing frog should try it.

OK, granted, the idea of being an heroic cop was always more appealing that the actual job itself, but after receiving a promotion of almost single-handled saving Dolphin City from a flood (it’s not like he could really tell people he got help from a little green alien now, is it?), he’s been promoted to Detective and he’s finally making a real effort.

He’s also finally realizing there are lots of people out there who want to know his secret… or worse, they KNOW his secret and want Decoy.  Of course, he’s still embracing the fact that he’s a kinda, sorta, maybe superhero, and having this extra help means he can do some really great things.  Sure, great power might bring great responsibility…. but it can bring some awesome fun too.


Not long ago, Tessa would have laughed in your face if you’d told her that being partnered with Bobby would fast track her into a Detective’s Badge.  She’s also slowly come to realize there’s a great deal more to her partner than meets the eye.  And she’s going to find out what that is.

After the Dolphin City flood, events have left her with a complete lack of a social life.  Working a desk more, long hours, eating on the fly… they’ve all taken their toll and Tessa, never one to suffer fools gladly, now has an even shorter fuse.  But there’s something going on with her partner, and for once, an all out, direct attack is not the way forward. She’s going to need to bide her time, watch how things play out, and when she has the information she needs… THEN she can act.


Anon Brass is a combination of Doc Emmett Brown and  Elon Musk.  He’s decades ahead of his time with the inventions he comes up with… but they’re not all as safe and fully tested as they maybe should be.

Throwing out new inventions on a near daily basis, sometimes, like his revolutionary designs for a new ecologically sound car, makes him the enemy of the establishment, and it will put him at odds with many powerful people.  Fortunately, he’s also made some powerful friends and has allied himself with the DCPD.  This has benefitted the cops as well, since Brass made some of this inventions exclusively available to the cops.


On face value and especially to the cops working under him, Lt. Grouprock has the temperament of Samuel L. Jackson’s character in Pulp Fiction, crossed with a bad tempered honey badger with a hangover.  He’s also deeply conflicted about the two new Detectives that have been assigned to his Squad Room — on the one hand, that Bobby and Tessa took down a corrupt Chief of Police, is something he likes… a lot.  On the other hand, you don’t do something like that and not make enemies.  And those enemies will be focused on his team now.