And now you see where the crash we opened with on Page One came from.

Also, we’re still moving in here to the website, so some things will change, appear, disappear, appear again…. kinda like Court when it’s his turn to buy a round of drinks. Anyway, one of the things we’ve got going now are the comments, so feel free to leave your thoughts.

Please keep in mind this is an All Age Series, so while we’re not really into censoring people, if you can keep in mind we DO have younger readers, that’d be awesome. ¬†And lastly, please be nice to each other…. and especially to Court (he’s a VERY fragile soul and cries easily…. this tends to make me feel protective and I react poorly…. kinda like the Hulk when someone puts anchovies on his pizza and he specially asked for no anchovies…. long story short, I’m really really sorry about what happened to the PUNY PIZZA DELIVERY-MAN! and we totally understand why you won’t deliver to Decoy Tower anymore and only Court is allowed to go do pick-ups).